Compliance Technology Systems Integration

Financial institutions needs to align their technology with their business objectives and show the value of their IT investments. The technology must be up-to-date to meet regulatory requirements, constructively manage and monitor likely security risks, safeguard privacy and ensure business continuity.
We help financial institutions assess, implement, manage, and measure their IT systems and processes to improve the quality, efficiency and value of their technological operations.
Data integration and tracking management is essentials to process integration with any transaction monitoring systems or data source. We combine expertise in the areas aggregation of data, real time feed, and database capture.
We provide expertise in the areas of data warehousing, ETL tools and data flow analysis to address issues such as data cleansing, redundancies and reconciliation.

We design the Case Management system and data filters, establishment of operational infrastructure, training and procedures for managers/staff, design & dissemination of key MIS Reports, interaction and periodic reports to senior management and regulators. Provided leadership and guidance during critical system implementations.

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